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How can job seekers counteract radio silence?

Have you ever applied for a job and never heard anything back?

My advice for job seekers who don't know why they weren't successful for a desired role is to utilise the contact details they have available for the application and query what they might be able to improve on to enhance their chances for the next opportunity.

Many job seekers are uncomfortable asking this question however, I recommend them to simply consider:

What is the worst thing that might happen?

- They might not get an answer.

And what good things might come from it?

- They could receive valuable information on what could be improved on their cover letter, resume or interview.

- They could find out that they nearly got the job, but somebody with more experience or a more specific education was selected instead; thus, providing clear feedback on what the candidate could focus on, e.g. adding to their experience or to their education in this regard.

- They might even develop further rapport with the employing person, leading to other employment opportunities in the future.

Employers like interested applicants who want to improve themselves. By demonstrating this behaviour, the candidate can enhance their prospects for future opportunities.

Job seekers can also work with career coaches on enhancing their employability skills. This might include exploration of career goals through open questions, personal and professional values exploration, self-reflection and insights; review of cover letter, resume and interview skills; and considerations of any learning gaps, and what skills, mindset and actions are required to align with and attain the coachee's career goals.

Abilitise can provide you with career coaching support during your job search. Get in touch to find out more: AU: 1300 To Enable (1300 863 622), Int: +61 2 9521 7767,


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