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How to improve the job seeking process

When it comes to finding a new role, does a weekly job-search routine help?

Establishing a weekly or even daily routine for job seeking is very beneficial. If the job seeker is currently not working at all, it will help them to maintain a routine, which is an employability skill to maintain, and help with their health and wellbeing.

How much time should you set aside to look for jobs?

The amount of time job seekers should set aside will depend on their other current responsibilities such as working, running a household, childcare or other caring responsibilities. For someone not currently working, a couple of hours each day would be suitable.

What pursuits and activities should job seekers include in their routine?

This should include:

  • Applying for jobs online, e.g. via LinkedIn or Seek,

  • Contacting businesses who rejected a job application for any learnings,

  • Reaching out to prior professional contacts,

  • Connecting with new contacts on LinkedIn,

  • Contacting businesses they are interested in working for directly,

  • Networking at networking events within a COVID-19 safe environment.

Other pursuits and activities job seekers should include in their routine include:

  • Focussing on their health and wellbeing,

  • Upskilling where and as appropriate to achieve the desired position,

  • Utilising career coaching with the goal of professional advancement or attainment of a new position or career direction.​


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