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Is moving internally within your organisation the right choice for you?

For those who love their organisations but would like a different career opportunity, internal mobility may be the answer. The following points will support you in considering this option.

Reflect on your key reasons for wanting to move internally. Are you unhappy in your current role? Do you want a promotion? Are you not feeling challenged? Or challenged too much? Is there team conflict? Would you like more flexibility? How do you feel about the organisational culture? Has someone else recommended the internal move for you?

Once you have taken time to reflect on why you want to make this change, consider the pros and cons of moving internally. Is the move going to solve the concerns you have with your current position? What might be concerns you will experience in the new position? Are you meeting the skillset required? How will the move look on your resume, considering career moves you might want to make in future?

Furthermore, also consider whether your current role could actually provide you what you are after. Have a chat with your current manager about your concerns and see what they are recommending. A move might not always be necessary.

Once you have decided that you do want to move internally, and should you feel comfortable with your current manager, talk to them about your desire for the move. Making your career path known and providing reasons for the move can help your manager to support you achieving it.

Before meeting with your current as well as with the employing manager, there are a few questions you should be ready to answer:

  • As you are moving internally, what skillset and knowledge can you bring to this role that someone external could not?

  • What attracted you to this role over your current position in the organisation?

  • What will you need support with to successfully integrate into the new role?

  • When and how could a successful handover be organised concerning your current position?

In summary, our key recommendations centre around reflecting on your goals and needs, and whether an internal move will meet them, as well as communicate with current and new management to ensure a smooth transition for all involved.


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